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NYC TV Mounting Service

Service area: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan

Expert NYC TV Mounting Services: Offering comprehensive and reliable TV installation and mounting in New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Call us now at 647-471-7273 for immediate TV mounting service. With the same day appointment, your satisfaction is our top priority! 

Our services:

  • Commercial flat screen installation
  • Professional home theater setup
  • Bar and restaurant screen installations
  • 4K TV wall mounting service
  • Smart TV setup and installation
  • TV removal and recycling service

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Did you know that a TV that’s not mounted correctly can lead to unnecessary strain and potentially damage your prized screen? That’s a risk no one should take!

Top-rated NYC TV Mounting Company

NYC tv mounting specializes in securely mounting TV brackets, TV mounts and TV screen of all sizes on wall. We also install audio components to make sure your space is transformed into a modern and comfortable living area.

Our Reviews from 400+ Real Clients

Read our real client testimonials from hundreds of homeowners across New York.

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Nathan Hylton
Nathan Hylton
Looks amazing, very respectful and professional service. This is my second time getting my tvs mounted and will definitely get it done again if need be!!
Aveek Morshed
Aveek Morshed
Thanks for the fantastic wall mount job of my 2 TVs! Everything looked great, good communication and friendly service. Highly recommended.
abby rose
abby rose
Excellent service! I've used them multiple times to mount tvs in my house and everytime they do an amazing job. Really quick, smooth and easy. Great value as well.
Travis Bailey
Travis Bailey
Quick to respond. Excellent customer service, very professional and completely in a timely manner! Highly recommend!
Cam Melnyk
Cam Melnyk
I would highly recommend this company. Rahim was professional, diligent, and respectful. He installed two mounts and TVs in our home, one on concrete, and everything was done seamlessly. I’ve used a different company in Toronto before, and this service was far and away better. Deservedly 5/5.
Jay M.
Jay M.
Top notch company of the highest quality. Exhibits outstanding workmanship, dedication, commitment, excellent follow through, goes above and beyond for customers, cares about their customers, and have the utmost professionalism, standards, and integrity. This company will ALWAYS get my business!!
Kelly Calheiros
Kelly Calheiros
Great service! He was very friendly, responsive and did a great job. Highly recommended!
Michael Oliveira
Michael Oliveira
Very professional. Top notch service and punctual with service time.
Cassandra Sankaran
Cassandra Sankaran
Super efficient and professional. Good quality work, very happy!
Subashini Sakthivel
Subashini Sakthivel
Amazing job Rahim! You were very professional!

We Help With Mounting TV in NYC Apartments

When you invest in a new TV, the next step is ensuring it’s mounted properly to truly enhance your home theatre installation. NYC TV mounting specializes in mounting TVs of all sizes and brands, ensuring your screen is at the perfect height and angle for optimal viewing pleasure.

Our services include LED TV wall mount, plasma TV installation, and LCD TV mounting, all integrated with top-notch audio-visual (AV) systems and surround sound installation for a complete home entertainment setup.

NYC TV Wall Mount Installation in New York

NYC TV mounting also offers furniture assembly to complete your home entertainment area. Our team is equipped to handle electrical outlet adjustments and placements, ensuring all your components are powered correctly.

Whether you prefer the flexibility of a full-motion mount, the simplicity of a VESA mount, the adjustability of a tilt or swivel mount, our expert installation guarantees a seamless setup with optimal cable concealment.

With precision drywall mounting and efficient wire management, our technicians ensure your smart TV setup is sleek and organized, complete with universal remote programming for your convenience.

NYC TV mounting team uses a reliable stud finder to locate the ideal spot for your TV, enhancing your viewing experience.

Our team specializes in smart home integrations and pristine wire concealment, ensuring your TV setup complements your living space perfectly.

nyc tv wall mount installation

Why Choose NYCTVExpert for Your TV Mounting Needs in NYC?

Whether you own a flat-screen TV or a state-of-the-art 4K model, our experienced TV installers is equipped to handle it all.

After completing the Smart TV setup and 4K TV installation, our team will handle the speaker installation and TV calibration to provide you with the best audio-visual experience, all integrated seamlessly with your home automation system.


We Mount All TV Brands

Our team is dedicated to bringing the cinematic experience to your home through our top-notch tv wall mount installation service.

With a perfectly positioned tv mounted on your living room wall, you can create a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Our services include residential TV mounting for your home, as well as commercial TV installation for businesses, with the option of TV removal and disposal when needed, plus we offer furniture assembly to help complete your space.

NYC TV Mount Service in the Big Apple

The magic of a perfectly mounted TV can completely transform your living space, and that’s where NYCTVExpert shines. Our tv wall mounting service is designed to give you the sleek, modern look you desire.

With our NYC TV mounting experience, your television will not only be a source of entertainment but also a focal point in your room. Our team comes equipped with all the tools necessary to ensure your tv brackets are installed securely and properly.

We take the hassle out of the process, leaving you with a beautifully mounted TV and a room that feels just right on TV Mounting service Toronto.

Our TV Installation Service Process


Consultation and Planning

We begin with a consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences, followed by planning the best approach for your TV mounting or smart home setup.


Professional Installation

Our skilled technicians will arrive at your location, equipped with all necessary tools and materials, to carry out the installation efficiently and safely.


Final Setup and Testing

After installation, we'll set up your devices, manage cables for a neat look, and test everything to ensure it's working perfectly for an optimal experience.


Customer Satisfaction Follow-up

We conclude our service with a follow-up to ensure your complete satisfaction and provide any necessary adjustments or additional support.

Prices of TV Mounting in NYC

Basic TV Mounting

Get your TV mounted starting at affordable prices. Ideal for most standard-sized TVs, offering a perfect viewing experience.

Large TV Mounting

Larger TVs require special attention. For an additional charge, we ensure your big screen is mounted safely and looks great.

Additional Services

Choose from extra options like a specific TV mount or hidden cords. We offer in-wall concealment and external cord masking for a clean look.

We Cover All Your Service Needs


Versatility in Mounting

Our team is equipped to mount TVs on various surfaces including drywall, brick, and concrete, ensuring a secure installation regardless of the wall type.


Advanced Tools and Techniques

We use state-of-the-art tools and the latest techniques to provide a seamless and efficient installation experience.


Customized Solutions

Understanding that each space is unique, we offer customized mounting solutions to fit the specific aesthetics and functional needs of your environment.

Our Diverse Range of Services

TV Mounting

TV Mounting

Expert mounting for all TV types, ensuring secure and aesthetically pleasing setup in any room of your home.

Smart Home Setup

Smart Home Setup

Transform your living space into a smart home with our advanced setup services for seamless control and convenience.

Security Installation

Security Installation

Enhance the safety of your home with our professional security system installations, offering peace of mind and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide any materials for my service, other than the TV?

No additional materials are required from you. We bring all necessary tools and mounting hardware to ensure a secure and efficient installation.

Can my TV be mounted above a fireplace?

Yes, we can mount your TV above a fireplace. Our team ensures safe placement and heat assessment to protect your TV and optimize viewing.

How can I hide wires after my TV wall mount installation?

We offer cable management solutions to conceal wires, providing a neat and tidy look for your mounted TV setup.

Can you mount a TV on any surface?

Our technicians are skilled in mounting TVs on various surfaces, including drywall, brick, and concrete, ensuring secure and stable installation.

What's included in the TV mounting service?

Our service includes mounting your TV, cable management, and a final assessment to ensure everything is perfectly set up for your viewing pleasure.

Where can I put my cable box after a TV wall installation?

We recommend placing your cable box in a nearby cabinet or using a shelf mounted under the TV for easy access and a clean look.

How much does it cost to get a TV mounted with NYC TV Mounting?

Our pricing is competitive and varies based on TV size and mounting complexity. Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.

What kind of TV mount should I use?

The best TV mount depends on your room layout and viewing preferences. We offer various types including fixed, tilting, and full-motion mounts to suit different needs.

What is included in NYC TV Mounting Service?

Our service includes professional mounting of your TV, secure cable management, and setup customization to optimize your viewing experience.

How much does it cost to get your TV Mounted?

The cost varies depending on TV size, mount type, and installation complexity. We offer transparent pricing and free quotes to match your specific requirements.

Can I mount a TV myself?

While DIY TV mounting is possible, it requires proper tools and expertise. We recommend professional installation for a safe and optimal setup.

Can you mount a TV on any wall?

We can mount TVs on most wall types, including drywall, brick, and concrete, ensuring a secure setup tailored to your wall's specifications.

What are the advantages of mounting my TV?

Mounting a TV saves space, enhances room aesthetics, and provides optimal viewing angles. It also keeps the TV secure and out of reach of children.

How many hours does it take to mount a TV?

Typically, TV mounting takes 1-2 hours. The duration can vary based on the complexity of the installation and any additional setup requirements.

Whether you’re looking for same day TV mounting service near me or in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island, our skilled technicians are ready to provide top-notch TV wall mount service for allkinds of TV brands that meets your specific needs.

We will perfectly install any kind of TV for your living room, such as Apple TV, Qled, OLED, UHD TV, 4K Smart TV, Curved TV, 3D TV, LED, LCD, Samsung Frame tvs LG Gallery,  Sony,  Roku, Amazon fire tvs  TCL and all flat screen TVs currently available. 

With our comprehensive NYC TV mounting service, which you can read reviews in reddit and yelp, our local NYC TV mounting experts handle everything from selecting the right TV bracket and performing the wall mount installation, to seamlessly integrating your flat screen into your home theater setup, all while ensuring optimal HDMI cable management for a clean and clutter-free viewing experience.